Our LEO line of spacecraft is the simplest and most cost-effective way to deploy anything into low-earth orbit; from one-off demonstration missions, all the way to full constellations with precise orbital spreading.

WIth the first vehicle being launched to orbit in 2023, applications for these variants range from simple apogee kicks (plus or minus 450 km from the deployment altitude), to complex LTAN maneuvers (3 hours of LTAN change in under 90 days)


Our GEO line of spacecraft is designed to enable the next generation of small satellites wanting to operate in geosynchronous orbit.

Our spacecraft provide complete insertion services, taking your satellite all the way from the drop-off GTO up to its precise slot in GEO. For more demanding missions, the vehicle can also be used in a hosted payload configuration, providing station-keeping and end-of-life for the customer.

CHIMERA GEO is also capable of injecting CAPSTONE-sized payloads into TLI; allowing customers to leverage frequent rideshare opportunities to support lunar exploration, at industry-shattering low cost.